20170706_GAMS_MSO_IMG_LivreSeydou_EN“What I still don’t understand is why, when you consult the doctors and are prescribed medicines where you can’t eat this or that, you listen to them, yet when they tell you there are risks involved with genital mutilation, you say you don’t believe it.”

The contents of this book, written by Seydou Niang as a part of the Men Speak Out project, and produced with financial backing of the Daphne Programme of the European Union, are based on facts inspired by real-life situations. The aim is to enable both professionals and the public to learn methods of addressing the question of FGM with the communities concerned. The author recounts what he’s heard during his awareness-raising meetings and how he proceeded to prevent FGM of the girls in his native region in the north of Senegal and later in Europe.

Although inspired by the particular circumstances of one community (Fulani, north of Senegal), certain elements may also serve to heigthen awareness in other practicing communities. In fact we find most of the justifications for the practice of FGM in several different communities.

This publication is available HERE, or may be ordered in paper version by sending an e-mail to info@gams.be

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