Methodological support group

A methodological support group consisting of stakeholders from various sectors involved was formed with the general mission to pilot the process and ensure quality. More specifically, the SG: 

  • ensures the validity of the methodology, by providing ideas, by ensuring the diversity of the approaches and by questioning them;
  • ensures the follow-up and guidance of the project in its various phases;
  • contributes to the preparation of the various documents related to the process

Members of the SG:

GAMS Belgique: Khadidiatou DIALLO, Fabienne RICHARD, Marie DE BROUWERE
Observatoire du sida et des sexualités – Université Saint-Louis – Brussels: Myriam DIELEMAN, Vladimir MARTENS
Service d’Information Promotion Education Santé – ULB: Florence PARENT
Centre Bruxellois de la Promotion de la Santé: Patricia THIEBAUT
FPS de Liège : Virginie Beckers
INTACT asbl: Thérèse LEGROS, Charlotte CHEVALIER, Christine FLAMAND

Operational concertation committee (Comité de concertation opérationnel or CCO)

Following the start-up phase of the CS-FGM, which dealt with the situational analysis and the planning of the activities, the specialised organisations (GAMS, INTACT, CL-MGF) began to feel the need for consultation with regard to the operationalisation of the activities. An operational concertation committee (CCO or Comité de concertation opérationnel) was founded early 2013 for piloting the Concerted Strategies network by promoting and coordinating the activities in the field: the development of common tools, the organisation of theme-based workshops, shared agendas, etc.

Members of the CCO:

GAMS: Fabienne Richard
INTACT: Thérèse Legros and Charlotte Chevalier
FPS de Liège : Virginie Beckers
CS-FGM: coordinator: Marie De Brouwere