Education, Santé : A “new” network on FGM in Brussels

The magazine Education, Santé gave us the opportunity to present our “new” network on FGM in Brussels. 

“The Brussels Coordination of the Concerted strategies on FGM (CB SC-MGF) is one of 4 “new” networks funded by the francophone Brussels government through the new Health promotion plan. The project will enable us to create a specific branch of the SC-MGF in Brussels. 
The Brussels network will enable us to take Bussels specific context into account and to improve the link between stakeholders working with  communities affected by FGM in the region. The aim of this Brussels coordination of the CS-FGM is to facilitate community-, intersectoral- and multidiscplinary work, to improve the global care of women with FGM and to promote the health and well-being of persons concerned by these practices. 

The article is in French and can be read on the website of Education, Santé :

Or downloaded here.

If you want to know more about this initiative, do not hesitate to contact us : 


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