The detectometer

The detectometer is now available!

You can view and download it here.



Belgium has more than 12,000 girls potentially at risk of being circumcised (see new prevalence study project in Belgium


Target audience

– The medical sector

– The early childhood and education sector

– The psycho-social sector

– The asylum seekers’ sector

– The justice sector



Intended for professionals, it aims to establish a referral protocol; it helps to identify the actions to be taken to protect girls and to ensure the follow-up of a girl who has already been excised and of her sisters at risk of being excised in dialogue, if possible, with the parents and the child.



Available online and for download.

It is printable in A 3 (colour) – double-sided. Once printed, it is foldable.





French, Dutch and English


Thanks Natalie Kontoulis (translator) for the proofreading.


You can consult and download it here


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