The website

The CS-FGM website is the result of various meetings and workshops involving both private individuals and professionals who share a concern for FGM.

The aim of this website is to acknowledge, continue and perpetuate the efforts made during these workshops. Also, it aims to be the reference website when it comes to FGM in Belgium by:

  • informing its visitors of initiatives organised in Belgium (under ‘Activities’ and ‘In the field’);
  • providing a set of tools for professionals and private individuals who want to raise the topic of FGM with various audiences (‘Toolkit’);
  • providing an overview of publications (medical, legal, from the field, etc.) on FGM in Belgium;
  • establishing connections between partners or by referring people to the appropriate actor or organisation (‘Directory’);
  • providing concrete information on the state of affairs in Belgium: prevalence and distribution of FGM, circumstances in which FGM is likely to occur, legal context and asylum issues (under ‘FGM’);
  • providing  a glossary on FGM and related issues (‘Glossary’).
The brochure

The brochure is …

The result of a participatory process: the objectives and activities it describes are the outcome of a dialogue between various Belgian stakeholders concerned by FGM (organisations in the field, target groups, experts).

A reference framework for analysis and action: during the debates held on the occasion of the  International Day Against Female Genital Mutilation in 2008, awareness was raised about the multiplicity of actors involved and the profusion of initiatives taken to combat FGM. From there, the need arose to increase the quality of interventions and stakeholder dialogue. This brochure presents a summary of the issue and an operating plan validated by the actors involved.