Too Much Pain Refugee Women – Trop de souffrance

« In 2013, over 25,000 women and girls sought asylum from FGM-practising countries, in the EU, showing a steady increase since 2008. The FGM prevalence rate has sharply risen, indicative of an increase in the number of female asylum-seekers from FGM-practising countries of origin with high FGM prevalence rates (Eritrea: 2-fold increase; Guinea: 4-fold; Egypt: 14-fols and Mali: 40-fold increase).It is estimated that in 2013 16,000 women and girls were potentially already affected by FGM at the time of their arrival in the EU and living with the life-long consequences of this form of torture. »

L’UNHCR a décidé de faire des capsules d’information et de formation sur les MGF au cours desquelles les femmes prennent la parole. Ces dernières sont disponibles sur youtube