Brochure: professional confidentiality in case of Female Genital Mutilation

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A5 sized brochure including 12 pages of information and pictures.


INTACT asbl, Le secret professionnel face aux mutilations génitales féminines:brochure d’information, INTACT asbl, 2010.


The brochure was created by INTACT npo, for those (school medicine, paediatricians, gynecologists, social assistants, psychologists, etc.) who have to respect professional confidentiality and who know or fear for situations of mistreatment, especially on girls who have undergone or may undergo FGM.


This brochure aims at giving information to the professionals about professional confidentiality (from a legal point of view), and most important about the circumstances in which a secret or an observation can be shared with other professionals in order to protect or help a girl at risk of being circumcised (exception or attenuation/limitation of the law).


The brochure can be distributed to practitioners and professionals who are in contact with families with girls at risk (trip to the country of origin, excised mother and/or sister(s), etc.), and who want to prevent a situation of FGM.

This brochure explains:

  • Female genital circumcision as a form of mistreatment
  • Professional confidentiality (for whom? for what? Which secrets?) penal code article 458
  • Professional confidentiality shared with other professionals, while respecting some conditions
  • Exceptions to professional confidentiality (Penal Code article 458bis) in case of mistreatment.

Then, the brochure gives rise to frequent questions one might ask oneself when confronted to a girl in danger (“what to do in case of danger?” or “in case of observed FGM?”), and the particularity of medical reports of integrity in asylum application or during legal proceedings.

Finally, the last page includes the Penal Code’s legal measures related to professional confidentiality and failure to assist a person in danger.


This tool is available in Dutch and in French.

The brochure was realized with the support of the Institute for the Equality of Women and Men, European Fund for Refugees, Region of Wallonia, and King Baudouin Foundation.


For the electronic version: click here
For the paper version, please contact:

NTACT asbl

Rue des palais, 154 Bruxelles

Tél: 02/539 02 04


Stratégies concertées de lutte contre les MGF

Rue Gabrielle Petit, 6 1080 Bruxelles

Tél: 02/219 43 40



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